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    Our Company has very high requirements in spa culture, setting standards while leading outstanding spa services.


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    Institutional knowledge and practice of spa operation

    Customer-Oriented Company focused on tailor-made services

    Professional SPA training program to uplift and develop service level

    International retailer contracts for professionals all in one place!

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    Professional SPA Products

    Exceed Expectations

    We create your luxury SPA menu from the appropriate Beauty and SPA product and oil selection to be perfect. As a customer focused company our goal is to constantly exceed expectations.

    SPA Equipments & Accessories

    Professional products. Fine design.

    We will collect your desired brand selection.

    Luxury Gifts for your guests

    Share a little luxury

    Surprise your guests with luxury SPA or Beauty Packages ot pamper yourself while you traveling!

    Base and unique therapies / 5 star plus service

    Zseraldina’s experience in opening and operating Spas, hotels and other enterprises contribute to provide an exceptional service. For her the quality of services is all that we do
    for our customers from the moment of contacting us until they leave.To reach that goal she  goes to great lengths to ensure that all specific spa training/procedures blend perfectly with high quality of operationalstyle.

    Luxury Toileteries

    Refined luxury

    RSC offers the world’s luxury professional spa brand collections trusted by top 5-stars spas.

    We guide you to find your perfect brand tailored to your needs.
    We create your luxury SPA menu from the appropriate Beauty and SPA product and oil selection to the perfect offer.

    Project or Individual Consulting / Development / Strategy / Monitoring

    From concept to grand opening, design to development we can  provide as little or as much help you need and we have all the potentials available.

    We can develop implement strategies and objectives to ensure the achievement for your Spa. We can create your spa menu, monthly offers and price list by developing new packages and treatments, or help you in transmogrification of the guest area.

    Concept / Development / Planning / SPA Menu / Crew Training

    If you are thinking about creating a new luxury Hotel / Resort spa, Yacht SPA, Day SPA, or wellness clinic we will guide you through the key processes in turning your concept into reality. We are working with your Project / Hotel Operation manager to help them through all the critical stages, from the planning till the grand opening.

  • Toileteries

    Collection 2017.

    Richvalszki Spa Consulting offers the world’s luxury professional spa brand collections trusted by top 5-stars spas.

    We guide you to find your perfect brand tailored to your needs.
    We create your luxury SPA menu from the appropriate Beauty and SPA product and oil selection to the perfect offer.

    Salvatore Ferragamo


    Tuscan Soul.

     Bianco Di Carrara 

    Inspired by the most precious natural stone from Tuscany – Marble.
    Pure – Elegant - Timeless

    Salvatore Ferragamo


    Tuscan Soul


    Encapsulates the Tuscan cultural heritage of sharing.
    Bright - Joyful – Vibrant - melting of the senses.



    Elegant. Subtle. Timeless. Hermès.

    Shampoo: 1.4 fl. oz. (40ml)

    Hair Conditioner: 1.4 fl. oz. (40ml)

    Body Lotion: 1.4 fl. oz. (40ml)

    Body Cleansing Gel: 1.4 fl. oz. (40ml)

    Eau de Cologne: 1.0 fl. oz. (40ml)

    Perfumed Soap in decorative pleated tissue:.8 oz (25 gr), and 1.7 oz (50 gr).

    Perfumed Soap in dark green reclosable, plastic dish: 3.5 oz (100 gr), and 5.0 oz (150 gr).

    Shower Cap, Cotton Tips,Pre-Threaded Sewing Kit,Shoe Mitt,Hair Set,Dental Kit


    Middle East only

    Bulgari was founded in 1884 by Sotirios Bulgaris. The current flagship
    store was opened in 1905 in via dei Condotti. It quickly became a
    playground for the rich and famous to find their high quality jewellery
    designs. Over a century later, Bulgari is recognized as one of the
    leading global players in the luxury market, with products ranging from
    jewellery and watches to leather goods and fragrances.



    Organic verbena extract from Corsica

    VERBENA LEAF SOAP 25g Made with 100% plant oils and verbena leaves to gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin.
    SHOWER GEL 30ml & 50ml Gently cleanses the skin and leaves it delicately scented with a fresh and unisex fragrance.
    BODY LOTION 30ml & 50m Enriched with grape seed oil, it soothes and softens the skin.
    SHAMPOO 30ml & 50ml Stimulates the scalp thanks to extracts of menthol, and leaves hair scented with the fresh notes of verbena.

    CONDITIONER 30ml & 50 ml leaves the hair shiny


    Shea Butter

    Shea Indulgence for travelers

    SHEA BUTTER SHOWER CREAM 30ml & 50ml Enriched with shea this delicate and generous shower cream cleanses body and hair whilst preserving their natural balance.
    SHEA BUTTER BODY LOTION 30ml & 50ml This ultra-rich body lotion with shea butter as well as natural honey and apricot oil nourishes, moisturizes and protects the skin.
    SHEA BUTTER SHAMPOO 30ml & 50ml A deeply nourishing formula which protects hair and scalp against harsh conditions such as sun, wind and cold, leaving hair instantly shiny, soft and smooth.
    SHEA BUTTER CONDITIONER 30ml & 50ml This rich conditioner nourishes and restructures dry hair from roots to ends, shielding the capillary fibers and detangling hair.


    Essential oils to awaken your body & mind

    REVITALIZING SHOWER GEL 35ml, 50ml and 75ml

    Formulated with essential oils of mint, pine and rosemary, it refreshes, revitalizes the body and mind.
    RELAXING BODY LOTION 35ml, 50ml and 75ml

    Enriched with lavender, tea tree and geranium essential oils, as well as specific plant extracts, to soften the skin.
    SHAMPOO 35ml, 50ml and 75ml

    A blend of five pure and natural essential oils to restore shine, radiance and softness to the hair.
    CONDITIONER 35ml, 50ml and 75ml
    A pleasant and soothing, it detangles the hair, leaving it soft and smooth.
    EFFERVESCENT SUGAR CUBE 33g sugar cube
    This fizzy bath cube, infused with essential oils, perfumes the bath water with a delicate scent and promises a soothing, skin-softening soak.


    From the Sea to your Skin

    Through 40 years of experience Algotherm has acquired a unique and  irreplaceable know-how in natural marine cosmetics,

    thalassotherapy and Spa. Inspired by the ocean, Algotherm cosmetic products use ingredients
    that are derived from various kinds of seaweed and enriched with active  marine principles.

    Thierry Mugler


    Mugler Cologne is an authentic creation for men and women who dream of a
    fragrance with elegant, discreet freshness and long-lasting sensuality
    to wear for every occasion.  


    Memory of Sences

    An elegant aromatherapy line of oriental inspiration with an innovative design and quality ingredients

    Pascal Morabito


    Pascal Morabito is a highly talented French designer and is known
    for his eclectic creations in many fields: jewellery, perfume,
    champagne, leather goods, decoration, sculpture, fashion and art.



    Azzaro was created by the French fashion designer of the same name and
    is a famous perfume brand, which has been part of the Clarins Group since 1995.

    HD Fragrances

    About Rose


    Cote Sud

     Luxury hotel toiletries from a French perfumery house
    known for their memorable niche hotel designed brands

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